The last surviving cousins of the Elves and the first of their slave races. The Drow are a tribal offshoot of the Eladrin children, close to nature and choosing to inhabit those parts of Krellen seen as unfit for habitation by the Elves and many other species. Due to their way of life the Drow were seen as backward and stupid by the Elves and were round up and captured to be used as slaves before the Cataclysm, the expedient retreat and strong holding of the Elves during this time gave many Drow their chance to escape back into the wilds to restore their way of life held fast in their memories by secret during their enslavement. Many however are still kept and bred by the Elves as a servile race.

The Drow hold to a Matriarchal leadership females perpetuate life and the males at their guidance defend it, when choosing a mate it is the female that makes her choice and woo’s the male. Their society survives without need to dominate or discriminate, Males can and have been accepted into the leading councils by showing great forethought and ability.

Drow children are educated equally they begin being taught the primary skill of their family (Hunting, Tracking, Agriculture, Husbandry, etc..) as well as the basics of life and society, when they reach 20 years they leave home to be taught the ways of their people (basic combat, language, religion, and more) at 50 they are asked to spirit walk and find their calling, on their return they will move on into society males usually choose to join lodges where they can enhance their skills making them more attractive as mates, females will move on to take their places among their family although they have sometimes chosen to move on to become wanderers and join a lodge. Wanderers are not looked down on it is seen as a calling that could lead to the formation of a new tribe or the wanderer will return home with some great tale to enhance the tribe as a whole.

Drow are feared by interlopers in their territory as they usually choose large predatory beasts as their mounts.

Drow Gods

The Drow worship the Fey gods of the Eladriin


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