The Eladrin are Immortal and once wandered Krellen until they reached a level of unity with the world and the Tree of Life, they used their Magic and knowledge of life to take a part of themselves and create a child race the Elves. They gave them knowledge of unity with the world around them and guided them in caring for their Mother Wild. Knowing that they could no longer evolve and grow on this physical plane so they gifted their children Mortality although they would lead lives much longer than the other races 3-400 years or more, this would allow genetic growth and change. From this the Eladrin allowed their children to move across the world to learn and adapt to new environment, this caused a splinter and a new dark skinned variant of the Elves developed. They chose to dwell in Jungles, Caves and Deserts regions considered to be inhospitable to the other Elves and Races.

When they considered their work complete and they had passed on enough knowledge for the Elves to become caretakers of Krellen, they turned their attention to another project how to renew themselves. They created a Tree of Life as it grew it’s roots fed into the Feywild, travelling between these planes using the Tree they learned that there they were young again their knowledge was not needed they were Mortal and could bear children. They chose to this new life over the old the Tree was destroyed during the Cataclysm, and through the ages Krellen was forgotten a tale passed on in verbal history their knowledge forgotten through the ages as they became true children of the Fey.

Recently a great Eladrin Shaman found and planted a seed of the Tree of Life in the Feywild it grew over a millennia creating a path back to Krellen. The Eladrin could now see to a new world one where the legends of tale existed they saw the Elves and how twisted they had become, now some Eladrin offended to the soul by the corruption of the Elves now travel to Krellen leaving the Feywild behind becoming Immortal again and infertile in hope of fixing the broken world.

Eladrin Do Not Age but can be killed in battle or by disease, they cannot produce young while in Krellen and will lose a pregnancy if crossing over. Eladrin cannot cross breed with other races.

Eladrin Gods

The Eladrin once an Atheist race now worship the Fey gods of Life, Creation, Balance, Nature and Natural Beauty.


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